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Ap Bio Cellular Respiration Answer AP Bio Questions On Cellular Energetics. Please Help?

AP Bio questions on Cellular Energetics. Please help? - ap bio cellular respiration answer

I need help with some questions that I for HW. It would be great if some of you can help me to serve some of these reactions.

What is the role of ATP in coupling of anabolic and catabolic processes of the cell?
How Chemiosmosis in bioenergetics?
As organic molecules are broken down by catabolic pathways?
What is the role of oxygen in the process of energy production?
How cells create ATP without oxygen?
How does photosynthesis convert light into chemical energy?
What is the difference between absorption spectra and action?
Compare and C4, C3 and CAM photosynthesis.
As the chemical reactions that case, the light on the synthesis of carbohydrates are linked?
What kind of photosYNTHETIC adjustments in response to different environmental conditions develop?
What interactions exist between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
Describe the process of anaerobic and aerobic respiration.
What affects rates of respiration and photosynthesis?


Erebos said...

catabolic process of releasing energy, which can ATP, which can be used as energy for the propelling energy demanding anabolic processes that are recognized


be broken, enzymatically ... Not sure what is the question

Oxygen acts as a final electron acceptor

Alcohol fermentation, yeast, for example, and the formation of lactic acid in humans. Both processes are necessary to glycolysis drive, do not need the oxygen

Light energy is used to promote electrons to higher energy levels. the electrons fall back on the ground is the state, with the pumping of protons across a membrane electrochemical gradient used by ATP synthase, ATP-production to create the

specific absorption spectrumPhotons absorbed by a compound to promote electrons to higher energy levels. Not sure what you mean by action spectra

There are too many things to say about plants C4/C3. I suggest you read about yourself

NADPH produced by the reactions of light (and ATP) is used for the synthesis of carbohydrates in the Calvin cycle

Well, if you see more C3/C4/cam plants, as everyone has adapted its own environment. The biggest problem we face is that they open their pores so that oxygen does not enter but at the same time, the water from the leaves need. each approaches the problem differently

Carbohydrates can be produced by photosynthesis are used by the respiration

aerobic oxidative phosphorylation requires oxygen, either in orand transporting the chain of electrons. Anaerobic not: namely, glycolysis

In general, the amount of funding: carbohydrates, a source of light, oxygen. In addition to regulating various hormones in the body. Regulate, for example, in mammals and glucagon inuslin respiratory rate

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